Mandate and Research Goals


Filtering Centrifuge
Reza Nik, PhD, collecting filter cake from a filtering centrifuge at the OSTRF.

The OSTRF produces leading technologies for oil sands tailings management and supplies early career, technically competent staff to the oil sands industry. The world-class collaborative research projects in oil sands tailings reclamation at the OSTRF provide industry with an ability to responsibly develop the oil sands and reduce the impact of its tailings, while ensuring Alberta remains a leader in providing sustainable energy and innovative environmental technologies to the world.

The OSTRF facilitates the research projects of Dr. Ward Wilson, Principal Investigator of the OSTRF, and several researchers at the University of Alberta who are investigating different environmental aspects of oil sands tailings reclamation. These research projects will enable Alberta’s oil sands industry to combine its efforts with those of leading researchers at the University to develop novel technologies and methods to manage oil sands tailings, water treatment and land reclamation projects in Northern Alberta.