OSTRF Projects

Current Projects
Shahinoor Islam   PhD   Environmental Engineering   Investigation of fluidized bed biofilm reactor for the treatment of oil sands process-affected water
Sepideh Kasiri   PhD   Environmental Engineering   Testing algae species and their ability to mitigate CO2 emissions
Xiaohui Sun   PhD   Environmental Engineering   Examining the impact of algae on bacterial communities and biodegradation activities
Huixin Zhang   PhD   Environmental Engineering   Does nanoscale zero-valent iron impact the biodegradation of anaerobic microorganisms and algal communities
Nicholas Beier   PhD   Geoenvironmental Engineering   Implications of Tailings Management and Planning Options*
Saidul Alam       Geoenvironmental Engineering   Dewatering Behaviour of Oil Sands Tailings from Different Processes
Hamed Mahdavi   PhD   Environmental Engineering   Employing algae for the mitigation of CO2 emissions with the peripheral benefit of improving tailings pond water quality
Amarebh Sorta   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   Consolidation Behavior of MFT using Centrifuge
Jeff Ku   MSc   Environmental Engineering   A field campaign on Edmonton storm retention ponds emitting H2S to investigate the temporal and seasonal impact on sulphate-reducing microorganisms
Simmon Hofstetter   PDF   Environmental Engineering and Renewable Resources   Isolation of Aerobic Microorgansms from Tailings Water
Ehsan Abazari   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   Foam Tailings: A New Methodology of stabilization of Tailings
Reza Moussavi Nik   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   Application of Dewatering Technologies in Production of Robust Non-Segregating Tailings
Mariel Hagen   MSc   Biological Sciences   Analysis of goldfish innate immunity following exposure to oil sands process affected water
Matt Long   MEng   Geotechnical Engineering   Cross-flow Filtration of Tailings
Atefeh Afzal       Environmental Engineering   Advanced Oxidation Processes for Treatment of Oil Sands Process Water
Christina Small       Environmental Engineering   Characterizing air pollutant emissions from tailings ponds*
Przemyslaw Drzewicz   PDF   Environmental Engineering   Mechanism of Degradation of Naphthenic Acid by Advanced Oxidation Processes
Eric Garcia-Garcia   PDF   Biological Sciences   Development of in vitro assays using goldfish cells for the assessment of toxic effects of OSPW
Louis Kabwe   PDF   Geotechnical Engineering   In-line Floc/Thin Lift and MFT Centrifuge Field Trials
Amir Azimi   PhD   Water Resources Engineering   Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Sand-Water Slurry Jets in Water
Jianan Cai   PhD   Water Resources Engineering   Sand and Slurry Jets in Artificial and Real MFT w/o Water-Capping
Ying Zhang   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   Freeze-Thaw Dewatering of Albian Mature Fine Tailings
Parastoo Pourrezaei       Environmental Engineering   Advanced Treatment of Oil Sand Tailings Water
Roy Ifill   PDF   Geoenvironmental Engineering   Tailings Dewatering Technologies: Cross-flow filtration
Andrea Ewanchuk   MSc   Geoenvironmental Engineering   Characterization of Petroleum Naphthenic Acids in Oil Sands Process Affected Waters Using Fluorescence*
Christina Small   MSc   Geoenvironmental Engineering   The Removal of Naphthenic Acids in Oil Sands Process-Affected Water by Coke Adsorption*
Yingnan Wang   MSc   Environmental Engineering   Water Treatment Options and Their Applicability to Oil Sands Operations for Recycle and Safe Discharge
Michael Alostaz   PDF   Geoenvironmental Engineering   Fluorescence Characterization of Naphthenic Acids
Carmen Li   MSc   Biological Sciences   The Potential Role of Aliphatic Diluent in Biogenic Methane Production and Accelerated Densification of Tailings at Albian Sands*
Chenxi Zhang   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   Cross-flow filtration of oil sands total tailings
Chengmai Guo   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   Rapid Densification of MFT
Yetimega Mihiretu   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   Fundamentals of Segregation
Juwen Yang   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   CFD Modeling of Oil Sands Slurries
Neil Hall   MSc   Water Resources Engineering   Physical Laboratory Study of Oil Sands Tailings Slurries I 
Shihong Wu   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering and Renewable Resources   Tailings Processes using Natural Processes: Field Experiment of Biological Dewatering
Mohamed Elenany   PDF   Water Resources Engineering   Physical Laboratory Study of Oil Sands Tailings Slurries II
Heather Kaminsky   PhD   Chemical Engineering   Mineralogy of Oil Sand Solids Using High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy*
Nafisul Islam   MEng   Geoenvironmental Engineering   Impact of Clay Mineral-Water-Bitumen Geochemistry on Oil Sand Tailings Behavior and Recycled Water Quality 
Amena Sadek   MEng   Environmental Engineering   Water Treatment Options and Their Applicability to Oil Sands Operations for Recycle and Safe Discharge
Keisuke Ikehata   PDF   Environmental Engineering   Water Treatment Options and Their Applicability to Oil Sands Operations for Recycle and Safe Discharge
Bryan Bales   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   Freeze-Thaw Dewatering of Oil Sands Tailings as Part of a Natural Remediation Strategy*
Michelle Chang       Chemical Engineering   Recovery of Commercial Grade Kaolin from Oil Sands Fine Tailings
Nicholas Beier   MSc   Geoenvironmental Engineering   Freeze Separation of Saline Oil Sands Mine Waste Water
Eric Niven   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   The Use of CPT and SPT in Loose Sands
Silawat Jeevaripoolvarn   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   Compression Behaviour of Thixotropic Oil Sands Tailings
Renata Wood   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   Response of Dense Beach Above Water Tailings to Cyclic Equipment Loading at Syncrude’s Southwest Sand Storage Facility

* indicates grandfathered projects