Research Projects

Current Projects
Ralph Burden   PhD   Geoenvironmental Engineering   Co-deposition and blending of FFT with overburden
Bereket Fisseha   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   Assessment of shear strength of saturated/unsaturated oil sands tailings
Nicolas Olmedo   PhD   Mechanical Engineering   Tailings characterization using an unmanned ground robot
Neeltje Slingerland   PhD   Geoenvironmental Engineering   Landscape architecture and engineering design for mined earth structures and reclamation
Umme Rima   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   A geotechnical investigation of multiple freeze thaw and drying/wetting cycles on oil sands fine tailings
Kelsey Cunningham   MSc   Geoenvironmental Engineering    
Jordan Elias   MSc   Geoenvironmental Engineering   Influence of chemical amedments and dewatering processes on the geotechnical behaviour of oil sands tailings fines
Taylor Hall   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   Centrifuge testing of oil sands tailings using continuous addition
Janeen Ogloza   MSc   Mining Engineering   Actual evaporation rates off tailings ponds surface
Prempeh Owusu   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   Modelling of pore fluid in the computation of actual evaporation
Haley Schafer   MSc   Geoenvironmental Engineering   Modelling MFT consolidation with a geotechnical centrifuge
Tony Zheng   MSc   Geotechnical Engineering   Risk Assessment and Reliability Modelling of A Tailings Management System
Saulo Castro   Res. Tech.   Earth and Atmospheric Sciences   Using ECV to measure and predict dewatering performance
Feixia Zhang   PDF   Geotechnical Engineering    
Iman Entezari   PDF   Earth and Atmospheric Sciences   Developing empirical correlations between total suction and HSI for thin section drying tests for a range of FFT
Iman Entezari   PhD   Earth and Atmospheric Sciences   Applications of remote hyperspectral sensing in the characterization of Alberta's oil sands tailings
Feixia Zhang   PhD   Geotechnical Engineering   Unsaturated soil property functions for high volume change materials
Elena Zabolotnii   MEng  

Geoenvironmental Engineering

  Theory and computer modelling of sedimentation, consolidation and creep of MFT
Nam Pham   PDF   Geotechnical Engineering   Developing a numerical tool to predict freeze-thaw desiccation and large strain consolidation of tailings